Projekt vybudování Centra pro výzkum toxických látek v prostředí
Centrum pro výzkum
toxických látek v prostředí
Kamenice 753/5, pavilon A29
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Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment

Identifying the research needs in the global assessment of POPs ten years after the signature of the Stockholm Convention

Brno, Czech Republic, 22.–24. 5. 2011

keynote lectures, invited lectures, moderated discussions, panel discussion of experts on

A. Identification of new POPs, evaluation of their properties and fate, mechanisms of toxicity, effects of environmental mixtures and associated risks
Keynote: Miriam Diamond

  • A1. History of the POPs regulation, development of the SC, and lessons learned
  • A2. Process of identification and evaluation of new chemicals, necessary requirements
  • A3. Combining toxicological assessment of new chemicals with human exposure and process studies

B. Effectiveness evaluation of the Convention measures, application of the experimental and modelling tools to study distribution, temporal trends, transformation, and long range transport of POPs
Keynote: Frank Wania

  • B1. Air concentrations, temporal trends and transport, harmonizing existing networks toward global coverage, integrated studies of fate and transport
  • B2. Water concentrations, temporal trends and transport. Design of the global study, approaches and techniques
  • B3. Integrated multicompartmental studies

C. Data management, databases, models, and expert systems for interpretation and visualization of data
Keynote: Ladislav Dusek

  • C1. Data availability and comparability, global databases
  • C2. Going beyond the data storage, human exposure, risk assessment, models and expert systems

Invited participants:

Åke Bergman, Ludek Blaha, Kees Booij, Knut Breivik, Miriam Diamnod, Steve Dungey, Ladislav Dusek, Heidi Fiedler, Philippe Garrigues, Joan Grimalt, Hayley Hung, Tom Harner, Ivan Holoubek, Kevin Jones, Roland Kallenborn, Jana Klanova, Gerhard Lammel, Liisa Jantunen, Rainer Lohmann, Matt MacLeod, Michael McLachlan, Rainer Malisch, Derek Muir, Jochen Muller, Nicola Pirrone, Alberto Pistocchi, Staci Simonich, Martin Scheringer, Irene Stemmler, Euripides Stephanou, Andy Sweetman, Shinsuke Tanabe, Martin Van den Berg, Marta Venier, Frank Wania, Peter Weiss, Marco Vighi, Gan Zhang.

No conference fee.

Limited number of participants. Local expenses (meals and accommodation) covered by organizers.

Please confirm your interest and send the title of your presentation to Petra Přibylová (pribylova@recetox.muni.cz) by the end of January.

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