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Regional Awareness Raising Workshop on New POPs, the Process for Reviewing and Updating NIPs and Reporting Requirements under the Stockholm Convention

Stockhol convention, Muni, Sci, Recetox

Brno, Czech Republic
15-18 June 2010

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The regional workshop on new POPs, the process for reviewing and updating NIPs and reporting requirements under the Stockholm Convention for the Central and Eastern region was held on 15-18 June 2010 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Objectives of the workshop:

The main objective of the workshop was to enhance understanding of the obligation to update and review national implementation plans under Article 7 of the Convention; in particular in light of the amendments to Annexes A, B and C of the Convention that are going to enter into force on 26 August 2010. The workshop was conducted in English and Russian.

1. Raise awareness on the nine new POPs added to Annexes A, B and C of the Stockholm Convention, their properties and uses;

2. Establish clear understanding on the scope of the obligation to update and review NIPs under Article 7 in light of the recent amendments of Annexes A, B and C of the Convention;

3. Increase knowledge on the guidance and training tools available for complying with new obligations and assessing Parties’ needs for updating NIPs accordingly;

4. Enhance understanding of the reporting requirements under Article 15 of the Convention; and of the use of the electronic reporting system.

Expected outcomes:

1. Participants are familiarized with the Convention’s obligation to update and review national implementation plans, particularly in the context of the new amendments; and the Convention’s obligation to report under Article 15,

2. Participants are familiarized with the available guidance and guidelines to update your NIPs in order to take effective action and comply with new Convention’s obligations;

3. Participants are ready to initiate the evaluation of their needs to review and update their NIPs pursuant to Article 7;

4. Participants are ready to submit national reporting by 31 October in accordance with Article 15.

Target participants:

The workshop targeted national experts from Central and Eastern Europe who are contributing to the implementation of the Stockholm Convention including Official Contact Points and National Focal Points.

The guidance materials presented and used at the workshop include, inter alia:

I) for the review and update of NIPs:

  • Guidance on elaborated process of reviewing and updating national implementation plans; and
  • Guidance for developing a National Implementation Plan for the Stockholm Convention.

II) for the nine new POPs:

  • Guidance on feasible flame-retardant alternatives to commercial pentabromodiphenyl ether;
  • Guidance on considerations related to alternatives and substitutes for listed persistent organic pollutants and candidate chemicals;
  • Guidance on information collection for the 9 new POPs.

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